SEMS is a professional Organization for all those working in the field of Engineering and Management, be it any sector, who wishes to share their practical experience and improve their art and skills for the benefit of themselves and society, for their career development and for the wider benefit of various disciplines of Engineering and Management. So it is essential for Engineering and Management Professional to apply for membership to upgrade their current status, knowledge and widen their horizons.


Engineering and Management are rewarding and fulfilling career. SEMS commitment is to provide updated resources and a highly developed structure that will enable our members to meet the complex challenges of the modern world. Membership is a solid evidence of an individual’s commitment for enhancing his or her knowledge, practical skills and exposure.


SEMS is a growing network of engineering and management Professionals. Society is having world-wide link to update technical and managerial knowledge for their members.


  • Membership Card
  • Professional Membership Certificate are awarded to earmark your professional status
  • Soft Copy of Quarterly Journal
  • Interaction with Professionals
  • Professional association throughout lifetime.
  • International Professional Membership Assistance
  • Seminar and Workshop
  • Advice &Information - SEMS arranges professional, career and education advice and information for career development for which there is a Management Consultant /Advisor to support the same.
  • Awards &Fellowship of the Society are conferred upon members who have made outstanding contributions in the field of Management and Engineering.
  • SEMS assistance for Higher studies in abroad.
  • 50% discount for Advertising in Journal.
  • Guidance to join Indian Professional membership organizations
  • Monthly news emails, providing a round-up of news from around the world and details of upcoming events.
  • 20% discount on every conference registration and publication fee
  • Opportunity for joining SEMS conference Organizing Team, Session Chair, Review Board Members and the special interest group


Students and Professionals in the field of engineering and management in various specialization & experience, training are eligible to apply for membership title. Industrial organizations, Public Institutions, Managers, Scientists and Researchers, Educational Institution, Govt. organizations are eligible to apply for PATRON Membership.


SEMS membership processing time is normally 30 days for approval of membership, to dispatch the Membership Card and Professional Membership Certificate, Journal, Attractive Discount etc.